Declare and Publish Your Facts

Affidavits, Declarations, Land Patents, POA’s, Birth Announcements, Notices or any other document you’d want on the record – securely stored, uninterrupted, and managed by you.

How it Works

County recording offices have restricted what you can record. Lengthy newspaper ads can be expensive. Censorship is rampant on social media, and the divide within society is so strong someone might tear down your facts if attached to a message board.

Public Record Posting provides men and women a platform to record facts and establish the public record on their terms. Once your facts are recorded, you simply post your ‘share’ link, a unique URL, on traditional media platforms like the newspaper, courthouse announcement boards, social media, or anywhere else you want the record set. Getting started is quick and easy, just follow these steps:

Create an Account

Your account gives you control over your facts. You own your documents – we will not censor the truth.

Add Documents

Documents are your facts. Publish Declarations, Notices, Affidavits, or anything else you know to be true.

Announce It

Use the ‘share’ link to create a personalized URL to publicize your posting in a simple, compact format.

Prove It

Establish the record on your terms, using your law, and report on your truth with the click of a button.

Your facts. On the public record. Controlled by you.

Public Record Posting is a tool for men and women to take responsibility and control over their facts and their law.

As technology changes and we are provided fewer opportunities to establish our unique position in the world, Public Record Posting is your tool for recording your facts.

Your Account. Your Control

Your documented facts, stored securely in perpetuity. Account setup includes your first 3 documents.


Record additional documents for only $10 each.