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PRP puts you in control of your truth. Easily post and share affidavits, Land Patent declarations, deeds, birth announcements, notices or any other document you want on the Public Record!

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How it Works

Public Record Posting provides men and women a platform to record documents, establish the public record on their terms, and share those records with the appropriate entity or person. Getting started is quick and easy, just follow these steps:

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Your account gives you control over your truth. Publish what is important to you – we will not censor your facts.

Add Document

Simply upload a PDF, give it a name, decide how long you want it published and you are ready to record!

Record It

Just click the Record Now button and it’s done! Every page is stamped with the date/time, county/state, and record#.

Share It

Use the custom URL to easily notify the appropriate person or entity that the document has been put on the public record.

Your Account. Your Control

Your documents, stored securely. Account setup includes your first 3 documents.


Record additional documents for only $10 each.